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BUACA is a free online platform with the main purpose of helping victims out. It provides online support to any victims who may require it, such as people who experienced, bullying, cyber bullying, verbal or physical abuse, stalking, harassment, etc. 
The website, was made with the idea in mind to help make the society better. Nowadays, as bullying and abuse has become a common risk, many people are victims to it without receiving the positive support they need to move on with their lives. 
The free online platform keeps coming up with ideas and ways the victims can be helped well. The intention is to provide free support as quickly as possible to those in need. The urgency relates to the fact that depression, suicide, and self harm have become common due to the people not having the right support.
People can have a go-to place online to share their problems and understand that they are not alone in their misery. The site also provides relevant information to raise awareness and this is made possible by understanding the people’s stories. However, no personal information is ever let out of the site.
Before people sign up, they are tested to be valid and authentic so that the other users face no harm on the site. Support is provided individually to people and videos and other posts are also updated regarding issues like bullying, abuse, etc. so people can learn better how to deal with them. 
Anyone who is victim to any kind of abuse or bullying can sign up, the site is open and free for all. Users are encouraged to share their stories and express themselves, but the actual part is completely voluntary. 
The site takes a big step in improving the society. While a lot of risks of abuse and bullying exist on the Internet, this site becomes a place for people to know there is also help and support available.