Brains United Against Cyber Abuse


Uniting all trusted organizations that help and give support for any and all survivors of bullying, online abuse, cyber bullying and not only for teens, but also listed is areas where adults & teens can seek the support they need. Everyone suffers from bullying, some have to endure it while in the workplace. We are here to help with a listing of those we have been in direct and continued contact and can safely say these organizations/supports are 100% trusted and very good at what they do. If at anytime you would like one of our members to speak in schools about how we have survived both abuse and bullying please contact us at anytime. 

Here we also offer products that help support not only our organization, but others that strive to support survivors of both abuse and bullying.  This kind of support we do and offer is not only for teens,  yet is also in support of adults going through bullying also. 

Bullying and abuse happens to both teens as well as adults in all communities. What we do is promote other greatly focused organizations with similar mindset. Promoting them and at the same time giving a portion of each sale to help support those organizations such as, Glenn Sutton Productions, Light Up Purple & the Amanda Todd Legacy Society are just a few of the organizations we have just started to help promote as well as strongly support and at the same time we at BUACA will keep promoting these tong and very well trusted organizations. Hopefully you can help and support us in our movement to unite all willing and trusted organizations into a more successful and united atmosphere with other organizations of the same. 


At the same time, we here at BUACA are fighting to have an open sex offender registry where any of us parents and other community members can have 100% 24 access to. We believe that children and families need to be more aware and protected against the threats of sexual offenders in our communities by having full access to a registry.

In addition, we refuse to support any Biker Organization that parades around using victims, survivors & their families as some glorification tool. They have been not only found doing this in hopes of gaining more sales for "franchising", Most have also been found directly bullying, verbally abusing other organizations, as well as having low screening processes for memberships.

Here is just a couple of prime examples: Click Here & Click Here



***This is something your controlled media needs to pay close attention to***







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